Games Modes

Test Your Skill
Amongst Friends’

Take on the challenge with friends or even yourself, in fun but competitive games that will test your golfing ability, as well as putting a big smile on your face! There are 4 different games within the TrackMan software that are suited to all golfers from beginner to seasoned pro.

Hit It!

Hit It! is a multiplayer long drive competition similar to the WLD Championship. Not only are players up against the clock, they also have to keep their shots within the virtual range’s boundaries. With TrackMan giving the numbers, everybody knows exactly how far they’ve got to go to beat the opposition!

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Capture the Flag

Capture The Flag is a multiplayer test of skill, strategy and nerve. You select a flag and then try to hit your ball closest to it. Who can capture the most flags and keep their lead for the whole game?

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Closest to the Pin

Closest To The Pin is a fun way to test and practice your golfing skills. Play the par 3 holes on any course in the TrackMan course library. You can set your game to give up to five attempts per hole

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Bullseye is the latest experience in game mode on the TrackMan platform, where you can compete in four different environments – Dalebrook, The Trading Post, Skyline or Jurassic. Take on your friends in this engaging point scoring game for all skill levels. Hit it closer to the pin to score more points – and make sure to get maximum out of your boosters.

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