Winter is when many of us hibernate, indulge in good eating, and often drink too much while remaining inside to avoid the frigid weather and icy winds outside.

Due to such cold weather, it’s hard to keep active when avoiding the outdoors and especially painful for golfers, as by the time June and July arrive, golfers are yearning to play.

Luckily for Western Sydneysiders, there is a new way to keep active this winter while staying indoors and avoiding the unpleasant outdoor golf courses!

So, when it’s impossible to practice on the green, V18 Golf has the perfect solution for seasonal golf pros to keep their golf game fresh over the winter months with Sydney’s best indoor golf simulators. V18 Golf Simulators are also the ideal solution for anyone who wants to keep active during winter and avoid the cold weather outside.

What is an Indoor Golf Simulator?

V18 Golf Simulators offers Sydneysiders the ability to play golf no matter the weather conditions outdoors! Every golfer can tell the difference between a good and terrible day due to factors such as wind, rain, snow, or simply chilly temperatures. All these uncertainties are eliminated when you use an indoor golf simulator, allowing you to play in the comfort of a fully controlled indoor environment.

V18 Golf Simulators allow you to hang out with your golfing pals, have a few drinks, and whack a few balls without having to travel far.

Another advantage is that you may play on some of the country’s best courses without the trouble and expense of travelling. V18 hosts 11 state-of-the-art golf simulator booths, all powered by Trackman and with custom-built lounges. In addition, the golf simulators themselves can be customised to suit the skill level of the players so everyone can be challenged, with beginner, intermediate and expert levels.

Part of why TrackMan is a world-leading golf simulator is the high-quality 3D rendering of your range layout—replicated meticulously to the exact size and location of actual bunkers, greens and flag positions. Players see their trajectories animated on stunning graphics on the big screen, with a beautiful representation of your range, accurate ball tracking, and fun games at your fingertips.

Another advantage of utilising an indoor golf simulator is the saved time. Golfing no longer needs 4-5 hours. Instead, once you understand how the simulator works and understand the yardages, uphill, downhill, and how far bunkers or water must be carried, the game goes swiftly.

V18 Golf Simulators for the Whole Family!

If you thought golf was only for seniors and business brokers, you were wrong! Instead, golf is transforming, with companies like V18 looking beyond the green to provide the ultimate interactive entertainment experience.

V18 Golf facilities provide state-of-the-art simulator technology, including infrared lasers, impact sensors, and complex game software, as well as food and beverages, instruction, and more than 100-course variations to select from, making V18 ideal for people of all ages and abilities.

So, keep healthy and have fun without having to worry about freezing outside during your game!

For a fun and engaging way to keep the whole family fit and learn some new skills this winter, get in contact with V18 Golf.

As the old saying goes, a family that plays together stays together, and indoor golf is an excellent hobby for the entire family to enjoy! The feel-good element of playing as a group encourages your family to achieve a common goal. Plus, you’ll enhance your hand-eye coordination, greater core strength, agility, and balance, all while having fun!

V18’s golf simulator games are vastly more entertaining than being stuck in a sand trap all afternoon with four fun game modes – Hit It, Capture the Flag, CTP and Bullseye. TrackMan games are the best option for a warm-up and for beginners to improve their shot-making skills on the golf simulator. All four game modes are quick, fun, challenging, and suited to all golfers, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Or, for more experienced players, your family can compete against each other while playing full rounds of golf on over 100 world-famous golf courses right from the virtual bay.

V18 Golf Simulators for the Seasoned Pro

On the other hand, the simulator provides more than simply a means to play golf when you can’t get out on the green.

Effective training tools provide you immediate, visual feedback when you hit your shot, allowing you to perfect your swing. Clubhead speed, face angle (open or closed at impact), club path (inside out or outside in), ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle are some of these characteristics.

If these figures appear to be too complex to grasp, don’t worry, as our friendly staff at V18 will be around to guide you through. If you have any questions when utilising the golf simulator, please do not hesitate to ask.

TrackMan’s ultra-precise course renderings, hyper-real graphics, and tour graded tracking technologies is guaranteed to give you a challenging workout at V18 Sydney’s best indoor golf simulator. Overall, golf simulators are one of the most effective golf instruction tools currently accessible.

Book a Golf Simulator for Your Next Corporate Event at V18 Golf Today!

So, whether you’re planning a corporate event or looking for a party venue in Sydney, contact us for more details. V18 Golf offers high-quality golf simulator experiences for fun and professional training.

Play against your friends in a round of competitive and fun indoor golf, ideal for all ages and every skill level. Serious golfers have the opportunity to train one-on-one with some of Australia’s best golf simulator coaches.

Get in touch with V18 – Sydney’s best indoor golf simulator – for a social outing, family activity, corporate event or golf training session. Enquire with our friendly staff on 1300 427 155, email us at, or visit us in-store at Unit 28 242A New Line Road, Dural NSW 2158, Australia.