With the long Christmas school holidays rapidly approaching and restrictions easing, the kids want to get out of the house, and parents are keen for a break.

Golf is one of those rare kid activities where fun, exercise and learning go hand in hand. What more could parents ask for?

Although golfing in the Australian summer can be painful… lugging around heavy equipment in the soaring heat with the high possibilities of sunburn, dehydration, and much worse.

Fortunately, at V18 indoor golf simulators, there is a way to play golf and avoid the unpleasant outdoor golf courses. All these worries are eliminated when you utilise an indoor golf simulator, allowing your family to play in the comfort of a completely regulated inside setting. V18 indoor golf simulators allow Sydney residents to play golf regardless of the weather outside!

Indoor golf simulators are among the finest school holiday activities to keep your kids occupied and parents stress-free over their break.

Introduce your kids to a new activity with various alternatives for all ages and abilities at V18 Sydney’s best golf simulators. Delivering state-of-the-art simulator technology with infrared lasers, impact sensors, food and beverages, expert instructions, and more than 100 indoor golf simulators courses to select from.

What is an Indoor Golf Simulator?

As Sydney’s best golf simulators, V18 hosts 11 state-of-the-art golf simulator booths, all powered by Trackman and with custom-built lounges. Indoor golf simulators can be customised to suit the skill level of the junior players so everyone can be challenged, with beginner, intermediate and expert levels.

The high-quality 3D rendering of the indoor golf simulator courses are exactly recreated to the precise size and location of genuine bunkers, greens, and flag positions. This is one of the reasons TrackMan is a world-leading golf simulator and makes V18 Sydney’s best golf simulators.

On the big screen, players can watch their trajectories rendered in spectacular visuals, along with a beautiful depiction of their range, accurate ball tracking, and engaging activities.

Another benefit of using an indoor golf simulator is the amount of time saved. Golfing now doesn’t have to take 4-5 hours. Instead, after a quick introduction to the golf simulator technology, the game moves quickly, even for juniors at Sydney’s best golf simulators.

TrackMan’s ultra-precise course renderings, hyper-real graphics, and tour graded tracking technologies is guaranteed to give your family a challenging workout at V18 Sydney’s best indoor golf simulator.

Kids LOVE the Indoor Golf Simulator Games!

The TrackMan games are always a favourite of our junior players. Hit It!, Capture the Flag, Closest to the Pin, and Bulls Eye are some of the games available at our indoor golf simulators.

All four game modes are quick, enjoyable, and demanding, and they are appropriate for all levels of golfers, from beginners to seasoned experts.

Hit It! is a multiplayer long drive competition game that is comparable to the WLD Championship. Players have three minutes to smash the ball as far as they can while staying inside the confines of the virtual range. Everyone knows how far the competition is ahead, thanks to TrackMan’s distance analysis!

Capture the Flag is a multiplayer test of talent, nerve, and strategy on the golf simulator. Each player chooses a flag to collect, and whoever captures the most flags by getting their ball into the hole wins!

Closest to the Pin is a skill-based multiplayer game. Face off against your pals in this classic Closest to the Pin game on any par three hole or set of par 3s from the TrackMan library’s more than 100 courses.

Bulls Eye is a fun point-scoring game on the golf simulator where players compete against one other in three distinct settings! From Skyline, where you can play golf on the tops of skyscrapers and helipads while being surrounded by flying helicopters and real street sounds. To Trading Post, a frontier realm inspired by the Wild West, or to the Jurassic World, where dinosaurs walk around!

As the age-old saying goes, a family that plays together stays together, and indoor golf simulators is an excellent activity for the whole family to enjoy!

Playing as a family provides a feel-good factor that motivates your family to reach a common objective. Everyone in the family can improve their hand-eye coordination, core strength, agility, and balance, all while having a good time with Sydney’s best indoor golf simulators!

Juniors Coaching for the School Holidays

At V18 Golf – Sydney’s best indoor golf simulators – we also offer children of all ages private junior indoor golf simulator coaching sessions! Allowing you to send the kids off while you relax and unwind over the school holidays.

Our V18 coaches train golfers of all levels, from beginner to professional levels, and will work with you or your child to build the perfect golf swing with the best golf simulator technology to ensure they reach their best potential.

Junior indoor golf simulator coaching sessions are perfect for kids wanting to learn golf fundamentals whilst having fun. This knowledge and improvement gained through the help of the best golf simulator coaches and Trackman at V18 can help your junior progress in the great sport of golf.

We love teaching and coaching our juniors with the best indoor golf simulators in Sydney, enjoying the shard enthusiasm these kids show for golf!

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer the best indoor golf simulator coaching experiences in Sydney. V18 Golf offers one-on-one golf lessons for children seven days a week to showcase Trackman’s endless abilities and offer some advice and tips.

Some practical examples of what our coaching clients receive from every indoor golf simulator session include:

  • TrackMan and hi-speed video analysis for all indoor golf simulator lessons,
  • 1-on-1 personal V18 golf simulator coach,
  • Tailored indoor golf simulator lessons based on initial assessment, goals and targets set with your coach,
  • Post indoor golf simulator lesson notes,
  • All video and club data are uploaded onto your members portal for remote viewing.

Book a Golf Simulator for the School Holidays at V18 Golf Today!

So, whether you’re planning for school holiday activities or looking for a kids party venue in Sydney, contact us for more details. V18 Golf offers high-quality golf simulator experiences for fun and professional training.

With our indoor golf simulators powered by the world’s leading golf simulator, TrackMan, the cutting-edge technology at V18 Golf provides 100+ iconic courses and driving ranges, plus detailed swing analysis tools. Enjoy golfing no matter the weather!

Play against your family and friends in a round of competitive and fun indoor golf, ideal for all ages and every skill level. Plus, serious golfers have the opportunity to train one-on-one with some of Australia’s best golf simulator coaches.

Get in touch with V18 – Sydney’s best indoor golf simulator – for a social outing, family activity, corporate event or golf training session. Enquire with our friendly staff on 1300 427 155, email us at support@v18golf.com.au, or visit us in-store at Unit 28 242A New Line Road, Dural NSW 2158, Australia.