V18 Golf has spared no expense in creating the perfect playing and training environment for all golfers. We have 11 state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator booths with custom-built lounges, all powered by TrackMan.

V18 offers casual pricing and three tiers of memberships for a fraction of the expense of setting up your own indoor golf simulator at home. Allowing even the most budget-conscious golfer to enjoy the benefits of the best golf simulators.

All V18 golf simulator coaches have completed a Level 2 or a Diploma through TrackMan University. Each coach is highly experienced with the best golf simulator technology and the practical application of TrackMan’s data to assess best and identify what will help your game improve.

Our coaches train golfers of all levels, from beginner to professional levels, and will work with you to build the perfect golf swing with the best golf simulator technology so you can reach your best potential.

Train on the Best Indoor Golf Simulator Technology!

TrackMan radar technology is the most outstanding performance-boosting indoor golf simulator software available in the industry today. Whether you’re trying to better your short game, polish your technique, or just want to improve your game of golf for competition.

TrackMan indoor golf simulator technology lets our coaches assess your actual data on golf simulator parameters such as – clubhead speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin loft, face angle, club path and more.

Our expert indoor golf simulator coaches teach professional golf lessons in Sydney, and they have a thorough understanding of the golfing swing and game improvement. Our trainers can read the DNA of each particular swing using technology and adjust your technique for development.

What Do Indoor Golf Simulator Coaching Packages Include?

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer the best indoor golf simulator coaching experiences in Sydney. V18 Golf offers one-on-one golf lessons for men, women, and children seven days a week on hand during your simulator session to showcase TrackMan’s endless abilities and offer some advice and tips.

Some practical examples of what our coaching clients receive from every indoor golf simulator session include:

  • TrackMan and hi-speed video analysis for all indoor golf simulator lessons,
  • 1-on-1 personal V18 golf simulator coach,
  • Tailored indoor golf simulator lessons based on initial assessment, goals and targets set with your coach,
  • Post indoor golf simulator lesson notes,
  • All video and club data are uploaded onto your members portal for remote viewing.

Book an Initial Assessment

For our serious golfers looking for exceptional coaching and the ability to benchmark their performance. We can offer you a full TPI golf screen to fully understand how your body works and any physical limitations that may be holding you back.  Plus, a TrackMan combine test to help identify the areas of your game that need the most focus. Identify your individual goals for coaching or training programs and set specific targets to attain.

Club Fitting Services

From analysing the data TrackMan indoor golf simulator capture. Our V18 coaches can accurately find the best combination of head and shaft as well as set make-up to determine the best club and shaft for you based on swing speed and other factors.

Our indoor golf simulator coaches take clients inside the TrackMan 4 Fitting lab and have you hit a variety of balls. Then we will utilise the TrackMan indoor golf simulator data to determine the best club and shaft for you based on your swing speed and other factors. The club fitter can mix and match shafts in this procedure, and statistics will show you which variant works best for you.

With clubface data, we can determine precisely where you strike the golf ball on the face of the golf club. We may investigate further into other forms of club heads. Altering the shaft profile to something more suited or shortening or lengthening the shafts to suit the player if there is a wide spray over the face of the club. In your custom-fit golf clubs, consistency is crucial.

We next look at additional useful indoor golf simulator metrics that aid in the golf club fitting process. Such as swing path, clubhead speed, face angle, and angle of attack present shortly before impact, using our TrackMan 4 indoor golf simulator.

With all this indoor golf simulator information, we can try various brands, head shapes, and shaft combinations to help you hit the clubface farther, straighter, and more consistently.

From professional golfers to individuals with handicaps of over 36, we have fit players of all levels. You need the right tools to begin your indoor golf simulator career, just like any other trade.

Some players may believe their swing isn’t consistent enough, but many times it’s just because they’re using the incorrect equipment. They were handed a set of clubs with the improper shaft for their club speed and the wrong length clubs!

Best Indoor Golf Simulator Coaching for Juniors

V18 Golf also offers junior indoor golf simulator coaching sessions for kids wanting to learn golf fundamentals whilst having fun. This knowledge and improvement gained through the help of the best golf simulator coaches and TrackMan at V18 can help your junior progress in the great sport of golf. We love teaching and coaching our juniors with the best indoor golf simulators in Sydney, enjoying the shard enthusiasm these kids show for golf.

Book a V18 Golf Coach Package Today and Watch Your Performance Improve Exponentially!

All serious golfers should consider this opportunity to train one-on-one with some of Australia’s best indoor golf simulator coaches.

With the help of V18’s indoor golf simulator coaches, golfers will be equipped with enough knowledge to self-diagnose the source of an unusual shot while on the virtual golf simulator course and even out on the physical green.

Plus, at our indoor golf simulators, you can play against your friends in a round of competitive and fun golf on our indoor golf simulators, ideal for all ages and every skill level. Focused, time-efficient, and valuable golf simulator training awaits at Sydney’s best indoor golf simulator, so book a V18 session today!

Get in touch with V18 – Sydney’s best indoor golf simulator – for a social outing, family activity, corporate event, or golf training session. Enquire with our friendly golf simulator staff on 1300 427 155, email us at support@v18golf.com.au, or visit us in-store at Unit 28 242A New Line Road, Dural NSW 2158, Australia.