Nobody enjoys coming onto the first tee after a lengthy absence, only to hit the ball two fairways over in front of your boss or the lads. Practice is vital for perfecting your swing; however, it’s not always easy to fit practice into our busy schedules.

That’s why finding a driving range that’s open late, undercover, and sheltered from the unpredictable Sydney weather at a location near your home is crucial to your golfing success!

Sydney is home to an almost endless variety of driving ranges, some of which are unsurprisingly better than others. Lucky for you, you can stop looking for the “best driving range near me” since you’ve found V18 Golf!

V18 Golf is the best indoor driving range in Sydney because we provide a technologically outstanding experience and expert instruction to our customers. From seasoned professionals to individuals who have never played golf before, the benefit of practising in our bays all fitted with TrackMan 4 golf radars running, TrackMan’s TPS software allows you to practice your game and get valuable data on every shot played.

Using technology trusted by touring professionals, club manufacturers and governing bodies, you can work out on the driving range and find your swing DNA or get your yardages locked in for that next competition.

Whether you’re a serious golfer looking to improve your game at an indoor driving range Sydney, or you just want to have some friendly competition and bomb them off the tee with your friends. There’s a bucket of golf balls waiting to be hit at V18, the best golf driving range in Sydney!

Maintain Your Competitiveness with V18’s Indoor Golf Simulator Practice Sessions

If you don’t spend much time golfing, you may be falling behind. As a solution, you may keep up your practice consistently using V18’s best golf simulators.

Golf simulator users have complete access to a wide range of courses, swing analysis and interactive games which help you improve your swing. But V18 indoor driving range customers do not have to make a significant time commitment, unlike practising at a golf course, as you can book a short 30-minute session up to a comprehensive two-hour practice session.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a short 30-minute break from your busy life to practise your swing, play a couple of holes at lunch, or gather the family for an indoor driving range competition!

Our TrackMan golf simulator fitted bays all offer realistic ball flight mechanics, and you’ll be able to evaluate your shots or share your game statistics with friends and coaches for advice on how to improve your game or use the in-built Tracy feature in the TPS golf driving range.

After loosening up and stretching for a few minutes, you can view your actual ball flight on the screen in real-time. Using actual golf clubs and golf balls, with the most advanced high-speed object recognition technology, so we can precisely monitor your ball flight, spin, and distance.

Our pros are always on the floor, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice on a good practice regimen, or you can sign up for our expert coaching packages…

Get Ahead of Your Competitions with V18 Indoor Golf Simulator Coaching

Our cutting-edge facilities provide Sydney’s best golf simulator coaching experiences. V18 Golf provides one-on-one golf training for men, women, and children seven days a week. During your simulator session, our coaches are always available to demonstrate TrackMan’s infinite capabilities and provide advice.

Our PGA professionals are all experienced indoor golf simulator instructors and provide professional golf lessons in Sydney, and they have a solid grasp of the golf swing and game improvement. Using high-tech indoor driving range technology, our coaches can scan the DNA of each specific swing and alter your technique for progress.

The following are some real examples of what our indoor driving range coaching patrons receive from each session:

  • All indoor golf simulator lessons include TrackMan and high-speed video analysis and a one-on-one personal V18 golf simulator instructor.
  • Indoor golf simulator classes tailored to your needs based on an initial evaluation, goals and targets established with your coach,
  • Notes from indoor golf simulator lessons.
  • All club data and selected videos are posted to your member’s site for distant access.

5 Reasons Why V18’s Indoor Golf Simulators is the Best Option for Your Office Christmas Party!

Tired of being apart this year? Get the office gang together for a post-lockdown Christmas party at V18’s indoor driving range! Golf, as a sport, has long been associated with the world of business, frequently being utilised to cultivate and strengthen client connections. But have you ever considered why this is the case?

Here are some of the primary reasons why indoor golf simulators are such an excellent networking tool and how to utilise them to your advantage.

  1. Opportunity to develop face-to-face connections in a relaxed and casual setting, opening up new lines of contact to source possible customers and partnerships while also improving their swing.
  2. Golf has the ability to show people’s true colours. When it comes to building new business ties, it’s critical to know who you’re doing business with. With this in mind, golf may be an excellent tool to expose individuals for who they truly are. The sport’s competitive character helps you get to know your playing partners’ personalities outside of the workplace – which may be good or negative.
  3. Golf typically distresses people. The frenetic sense of being cooped up in the workplace may often leave individuals feeling extremely worried and overwhelmed. On the other hand, golf provides an outlet by allowing staff to get out into nature and, eventually, liberate your mind. As a result, people may feel calmer and at ease when building new business partnerships.
  4. Golf is suitable for everyone. While many people believe golf is primarily a man’s activity, studies show that women who use the sport for business are more likely to clinch transactions with potential clients. This is attributed to the heightened degree of rapport and trust that a round or two of golf can foster, making potential clients feel more at ease when embarking on a new business engagement.
  5. Golf supports friendly competition. The corporate sector has an unjust image of all work and no recreation, which is simply not true. Golf enables for this ‘play,’ giving employees of various shapes, sizes, and hierarchies a chance to have some fun, friendly competition with one another. Consequently, connections and communication between staff members and clients can become much stronger – both within and outside.

Book a V18 Session Today and Watch Your Performance Improve Exponentially!

Whether you’re planning a quick golfing session or looking for a party venue in Sydney, contact us for more details. V18 Golf offers high-quality golf simulator Sydney experiences for fun and professional training.

V18 Golf offers Sydney’s best golf simulator experiences for fun and professional training. Our indoor driving ranges are powered by the world’s leading golf simulator, TrackMan.

The cutting-edge technology at V18 Golf provides 100+ iconic courses and driving ranges, plus detailed swing analysis tools. Enjoy golfing no matter the weather! Play against your friends in a round of competitive and fun indoor golf, ideal for all ages and every skill level. Serious golfers have the opportunity to train one-on-one with some of Australia’s best golf simulator coaches.

Get in touch with V18 – the best indoor golf simulator Sydney – for a social outing, family activity, corporate event, or golf training session. Enquire with our friendly golf simulator Sydney staff on 1300 427 155, email us at, or visit us in-store at Unit 28 242A New Line Road, Dural NSW 2158, Australia.